The Vision

We took a long hard look at what goes on in the Chapel.     

Previously the Chapel building was use for an average of about 15hrs a week, and that's just not enough in a community like ours. We wanted to open our doors, to look at where we can meet the needs of Methley.  So, we now have an open porch area with lovely new glass doors so we are more visible from the street, and the pews have all gone (and they all went to good homes locally!!!) so we have a flexible worship space that can be used for a variety of different activities.      

We also now have a beautiful new kitchen, extra toilet facilities, and the whole building now has wheelchair access throughout.    

The original concept was born in June 2011 and we were back in use after the refurbishment by the end of July 2012.

So just what was the vision for "The Centre"...?

Church... "first and foremost"
- Worship         
- A safe place         
- Rites of Passage (baptisms, funerals & weddings)
- Outreach: eg Coffee & Chat, Craft groups, Women's Circle, Methley Clueless Players, Youth Music Groups, Prayer Groups, Art Classes, Festivals/Events

- Books (including lending library)        
- "Pam's Jams" - local produce
- Fair Trade supplies        

- Basic cafe         
- Charity lunches                 
- Meeting Place         
- Cyber Cafe - internet access on desktop PCs plus wi-fi
- Information Point

- "Methley Messenger" collection point       

What's On...?
- Venue - small gigs         
- Film Club - "Methley Movies"         
- Meeting Facility         
- Function Room         
- Rehearsal Room

- see Room Hire page for more details     

We're open (nearly) every day from 10am to 12noon - come along and see for yourself!​