BIG CHANGES at the Chapel..


Methley Methodist Church is now fully established as a “Church without a Chapel”.


We offer the following activities and services, and as the COVID restrictions allow we intend to expand this offering in different ways:


  • Worship every Sunday, including EasyChurch & BIG WORSHIP

  • Clueless Chorus

  • Open mic nights

  • “Strong Together” weekly Zoom chat…


In the meantime we have made a very significant decision to put the current Chapel building up for sale and cease our use of it. This is for two main reasons:


  1. Structurally, the building is in a very poor state. During the next four years we are obligated to make improvements valued at around £27,000, and it is clear from the assessments we have had carried out that at least this level of spending is likely to be required on an ongoing basis given the condition and age of the building. We do not feel that spending this amount of money on the existing building is morally right, and it is clear anyway that with the amount of use the building gets that it is no longer fit for purpose in the medium term.

  2. The COVID-19 situation has had a catastrophic impact on many community services and the Chapel is no exception. Our building was in use on an average of 60 occasions every month and used by around 200 people each month and that stopped overnight when the pandemic restrictions took hold. We simply do not have the heart to open up under such stringent social distancing conditions as are currently in place, and certainly are not happy to turn people away at the door which we would have to do for virtually every activity or event that used to take place. In many ways this situation has forced our hand.


The enforced closure has meant we have been unable to pursue our ideal planned strategy to build a new Chapel simultaneously with selling the current building which would have allowed continuity of all our activities. Hence we feel we must continue as a “Church without a Chapel”, and we aim to review this situation in the Summer of 2021 to assess if rebuilding remains a sensible and viable option when we can all see what the world looks like post-COVID… we hope!


We want to thank so many of you who have supported what we have done in all kinds of ways over the last eight years since the Chapel refurbishment, and we hope to see much more community togetherness in the future, whatever the state of our “premises” – real or virtual!


Thanks again, with love from the Church Council of Methley Methodist Church