Our aim here is simple. Worship God strongly, and do it in a variety of ways.

Methodism is variable by design, with a different face leading worship each week - well, mostly! -  so the message can always be heard from a different angle each week.

We are a member of the Aire and Calder Methodist Circuit, one of 31 churches across the Wakefield, Ossett, Horbury, Pontefract and Castleford areas. 

Our regular Sunday worship tends to be traditional in style and format, but very relaxed and accessible in feel and welcome. We place a large emphasis on fellowship and will often linger long sharing refreshments and putting the world to rights! We start at 10.45am.

If traditional worship isn't exactly your thing, we can offer something different, depending on your taste. See the pages about EasyChurch and BIG WORSHIP for details...